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You should probably notify people to expect Tumblr to be suspending more blogs.

Why? >.> This is not a psa blog.

i forced my friend to watch htty... and she love it! i'm very proud of myself

Good. All must love dragons or despair. 

Everytime I see Hiccup on my screen, I just want to hug him and tell him he's amazing... then I would play with his hair :D
I really hope Astrid gets pregnant in the next movie. Rumour has it from people who have worked on the movies/show that we might get a glimpse of Hiccstrid babies!

Poor Astrid…Poor Hiccup. 

I haven't seen the second movie.. are hiccup and astrid dating in it?

I have no clue! I beeelieve so. Someone more qualified than me, help a dragon trainer out! 

HTTYD 2 Astri looks ... different ...


I like to think that Dagur's sister is actually the same age as Gustav, and would love to see an episode where the two of them have to work together to survive a situation while the Dragon Riders race against/try to work with Dagur to save them.
I hope for some serious Rufflegs to be established in Dragons 2

Get it, gurl.

I feel kind of weird for having a crush on an animated character, but Hiccup is so cute that I can't help it. I just want to cuddle him and kiss his freckles.

I think most of tumblr has a crush on at least one animated character. So, don’t feel weird. (:

Mildew is one of my favorite characters.

He is the best character. Hands down.

I want a pet like Toothless. :3
I love Thornado

He’s a great dragon!

Is this a "I hate Astrid confession blog" since you are only posting confessions like that. Well blocking you then.

Omfg. Are you kidding me? If that’s what you think then you know nooothing about me or this blog. Go ahead and block though! 

I can't see any movie with Jay Baruchel without thinking about Hiccup


Confession: I feel as though, no matter what, if im in a terrible mood i can put in HtTYD and my day will become infinatly better. It's a good feeling.

This is a good confession. (: